Purpose :) and Problems :(

 I Can because I believe I can

By : Edo Setiawan

The reason why I make this blog because I have a task from my ICT teacher, His name is pak Armansyah ,S . Kom.

I tried to do the best to make this blog interest, I learned and tried to find everythigs that can help me to make my blog better.

Problems :

Actually, at the first time I have make a blog but it can’t be open, I don’t know the problems and I can’t to solve it. I make the other one, but when I want to typing my Email it can’t be used anymore. I am very regretfull because almost all of my classmate had made their own blog. So, I make a new email but it can’t be used again when I am in the lab computers.

I tried again in the dormintory to make a blog used my new email and I ask help with my Friend, lucky i am it can. huh, I am directly post my blog in pak arman’s blog, but I am wrong to typ because there is no word “goblog” and I have been post it .. finally, I must post it again and says : pak Arman ralat, https://setiawanedogoblog.wordpress.com. I am really afraid pak arman don’t want to accept my blog .. Because I am also not really expert about ICT lesson. But, I have try maximumly to do the best for this blog. I wiil make this blog better, interest and many peoples will visit it.

And this is the result ………


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