Asemurat -Anak Sembilan Unggulan Kuadrat-

Asemurat=Anak Sembilan Unggulan Kuadrat

By : Edo Setiawan

This is list of my class when I am nine graders in SMP Negeri 1 Muara Enim. All the names over there is my classmate. My friends forever, although maybe they have forget about me, but I am still their friendship, whenever.

I remember my friends when I am look at this attendance list. I want to meet with them again. All the moment with them will always I remember, go to Tanjung Enim together, Halal bi Halal together in the our advisor’s house, Bu Yuliati. We did dance and sing a song together, make our wall magazine together, I MISS WITH YOU ALL. All the time that we have.

I hope all of us can meet again, SOMEDAY ::

Aamiin ..

Thanks for everything.

“Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan.“


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