“About Me”

My Self, My Experience

By : Edo Setiawan

Wow, it’s Amazing!!

It’s just like yesterday, when I’m a child that born in a wonderful family, a baby that really happy can be a part of this family. Yeah, taht’s me Edo Setiawan.

I was born on 1996 in Muara Enim, Palembang, South Sumatera. I am 16 years old. Now, I am school in SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). I am XI graders. My class is Elektron 3G. Do you know stand for Elektron 3G ?

Elektron 3G is stand for Eleven Science 1 third generation .

By the way, I have a family. I have a father and mother. My father’s job is a retail but although my father just a retail, I am really happy can be his child and My mother’s job is a house wife although my mother only housewife, I really love her, she always help me when I have tasks in my school or when I have problems, she gives me advice and she always encourage me to do what i want to do. My parents never push me especially about my education and then I also have one brother and no sister. My brother is Ikhsan Setiawan. Now, he is junior high school in SMP Negeri 1 Muara Enim. He makes me angry everytime but  I still love him. I am happy can have a brother like Ikhsan Setiawan.

I am happy beside her, I am happy beside him, I am really lucky can have a brother like Ikhsan Setiawan, I will always love them”.

(Edo Setiawan)



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